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American EyeCare Opens – 1980

American EyeCare opens in the Keokuk mall.

American EyeCare Opens – 1982

American EyeCare builds and opens Burlington location.

American EyeCare Opens – 1985

Keokuk location built and opened.

Lab Opens At American Eyecare – 1988

Surfacing lab opened at Burlington, first in the area, and still the only full service lab in Southeast Iowa.

American EyeCare Opens – 1999

Fort Madison office built and opened.

HRT Technology – 2001

American EyeCare purchases the HRT, first in the area to have such technology.

Optometrists Join American EyeCare – July 18, 2005
Dr. Tod S. Gerhardt and Dr. Matthew W. Ruhl, have both joined the American Eyecare team.

OCT Technology – October, 2008
American Eyecare purchases the OCT, first in the area to have such technology.

Blue Peak Technology – November, 2011
American Eyecare updates the OCT with groundbreaking Blue Peak Technology, first in the area to have this innovative platform.

New Office Location Opens – November, 2012
American Eyecare opened a new office in Fairfield, IA.

Office Remodel – Spring, 2013
American Eyecare remodels their Burlington Office

Optometrist Joins American EyeCare – Summer 2016
Dr. Stacey Carabello

Optometrist Joins American EyeCare – Summer 2018
Dr. Logan Granera

Optometrist Joins American EyeCare – Summer 2018
Dr. Abby Granera

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